Ellen G. White Writings

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The Adventist Home, Page 526

Chapter 84—Directing Juvenile Thinking Regarding Recreation

Standards Are Being Lowered—Christian parents are giving way to the world-loving propensities of their children. They open the door to amusements which from principle they once prohibited.1Manuscript 119, 1899.

Even among Christian parents there has been too much sanctioning of the love of amusements. Parents have received the world's maxim, have conformed to the general opinion that it was necessary that the early life of children and youth should be frittered away in idleness, in selfish amusements, and in foolish indulgences. In this way a taste has been created for exciting pleasure, and children and youth have trained their minds so that they delight in exciting displays; and they have a positive dislike for the sober, useful duties of life. They live lives more after the order of the brute creation. They have no thoughts of God or of eternal realities, but flit like butterflies in their season. They do not act like sensible beings whose lives are capable of measuring with the life of God, and who are accountable to Him for every hour of their time.2The Youth's Instructor, January July 20, 1893.

Mothers to Invent and Direct Amusements—Instead of sending her children from her presence, that she may not be troubled with their noise and be annoyed with the numerous attentions they would desire, she will feel that her time cannot be better employed than in soothing and diverting their restless, active minds with some amusement or light, happy employment. The

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