Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to the Youth, Page 44

at peace among yourselves, the Lord will bless and save you. You cannot be good, or do right, in your own strength. You must go to God and ask him for strength. Ask him that his grace may influence your hearts, and make you right. Believe the Lord will do it; trust him to do it. You can be little Christians; you can love and serve God. AY 43.1

Be good to Willie. Love him. Teach him right things. If you do wrong, you not only sin yourselves, but you teach him to sin. When you do wrong, you teach him to do wrong; so double sin rests upon you. Always act as you would like to see Willie act. Always speak pleasantly to him, and try to make him happy. AY 44.1

Your affectionate Mother AY 44

Somerville, Mass., Sept. 6, 1859

My Dear Son Henry, AY 44

We received your letter, and were very glad to hear from you. You must write oftener. Send us a letter at Topsham. Think of everything you have left there and wish us to bring, and we will try to do so. AY 44.2

We hope you are well and happy. Be a good, steady boy. If you only fear God and AY 44.3

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