Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to the Youth, Page 47

steady, and you to daily receive grace to resist temptation. AY 46.1

I must close. Do right because you love to. Preserve these letters I write to you, and read them often, and if you should be left without a mother's care, they will be a help to you. AY 47.1

Your affectionate Mother. AY 47

Topsham, Maine, Sept. 20, 1859

My Dear Children, AY 47

We received your letters today. We are now in our old home, at brother Howland's. I am writing in the room where we first commenced house-keeping. In this room we prayed for you, Henry, and when the hand of death seemed to be upon you, the Lord in mercy raised you up in answer to fervent prayer. In this room we have suffered poverty and trial, yet brother Howland's family were ever true friends to us in time of need. In this room we have realized the signal power of God, and enjoyed the rich blessing of his salvation. This room is endeared to me by past recollections. It is called my room. AY 47.2

I feel very anxious for the salvation of my children. Especially, you, Henry, my eldest son, whose life God has so graciously spared. AY 47.3

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