Ellen G. White Writings

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An Appeal to the Youth, Page 68

position where we can receive and appreciate pardon and the forgiveness of sin. AY 67.1

I am not writing to reprove you, children. You have been very kind, obedient children to us—sometimes wayward, but not stubborn. I hope you do not look at others who act wrong, and flatter yourselves that you are righteous, because you do better than they, but think seriously upon the good instruction you have had, and then inquire if you should not be far in advance of what you are. In short, have you not had sufficient light to yield your hearts to God, and love to follow Jesus, and be influenced by his sweet Spirit? AY 68.1

Your affectionate Mother. AY 68

Eagle Harbor, N. Y., July 26, 1861

My Dear Children, Henry and Edson, AY 68

We have not forgotten you, dear boys; but we often think of you, and pray that blessing of God may be with you. We are anxious that you should form correct habits. We are from you so much, and you are left so much to yourselves, that you may be in danger of falling into careless habits, which will not increase your happiness, and which may make those around you unhappy. AY 68.2

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