Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 101

Re-copied 7/15/28 H—51—1904 by L. F. W.

Sanitarium, Napa Co. California

November 28, 1903

Dear Brother Haskell,

I have recently received two letters from Dr. Kellogg. He strongly urges me to come to Battle Creek, offering to pay all the expenses of the journey. He thinks that I will be favorably impressed if I can see for myself the conditions existing in Battle Creek.

But I do see matters for myself. Night after night scenes are presented before me that reveal a strange condition of things. While Dr. Kellogg has made some admissions, he has not yet gone to the root of the evils for which he has been responsible.

At the General Conference held in Oakland, Dr. Kellogg gave an exhibition of himself that revealed the spirit that controlled him. Long before that meeting he was presented to me as a man who understood not the spirit that controlled him. The enemy of souls had cast upon him a spell of deception.

Some of the recent testimonies I have written and have given them to Elder A.T. Jones, asking him to read them to the Doctor; for I was instructed that if they were placed in the hands of Dr. Kellogg, he might be led to put a wrong construction upon some of the words. This instruction was given to me at the time of the meeting held in Battle Creek a few weeks before the Review and Herald Office was burned.

At the time of the General Conference in Oakland, I was forbidden by the Lord to have any conversation with Dr. Kellogg. During that meeting a scene was presented to me, representing evil angels conversing with the Doctor, and imbuing him with their spirit, so that at times he would say and do things, the nature of which he could not understand. He seemed powerless to escape from the snare. At other times he would appear to be rational.

I was instructed to see Dr. Paulson, and talk with him concerning the issue of the Sanitarium bonds. God forbids that His people should be largely drawn upon to pay for the erection of the mammoth sanitarium that has been put up at Battle Creek. I was also instructed that it would be difficult for some to draw out the

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