Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 108

Re-copied 7/15/28 B-259-1904 by L. F. W.

Nashville, Tennessee,

June 23, 1904

To Union Conference Presidents, and
Leading Medical Missionaries:—

Before leaving Washington for Berrien Springs, I was instructed upon some points regarding the work at Battle Creek. In the night season I was shown a meeting. Dr. Kellogg was speaking, and he was filled with enthusiasm regarding his subject. His associate physicians and ministers of the gospel were present. The subject upon which he was speaking was life, and the relation of God to all living things. In his presentation he cloaked the matter somewhat, but in reality he was presenting scientific theories which are akin to pantheism. He presented them as being of the highest value.

After looking upon the pleased, interested countenances of those who were listening, one by my side told me that the evil angels had taken captive the mind of the speaker. He said that we were to stand as guardians of the churches, but that we were on no account to enter into discussion on these subjects with those who hold pantheistic theories. He said that just as surely as the angels who fell were seduced and deceived by Satan, so surely was the speaker under the spiritualistic education of evil angels.

I was astonished to see with what enthusiasm the sophistries and deceptive theories were received. The influence of this talk gave him encouragement to call for a council of our brethren at Battle Creek, for a further examination of these seducing sentiments.

I was bidden to warn our people on no account to send their children to Battle Creek to receive an education, because these delusive scientific theories would be presented in the most seducing forms. The matter has been working in the mind of some, till they think they are to be channels to infuse other minds with great light regarding scientific problems. They will be led to take words and sentiments from my books and present them as being in harmony with their theories.

I am bidden to tell our ministers to enter into no discussion over these theories. Let them alone. When engaged in discussion over these theories, their advocates will take words spoken to oppose them and will make them appear to mean the very opposite of that which the speaker intended them to mean. Some have been studying these matters for a long time, and are prepared to present them and to lead souls to adopt them. I am now commissioned to tell our people to beware.

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