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Battle Creek Letters, Page 11

Re-copied July 11, 1928 MS—13—01 V. E. R. Diary January 1898

Medical Missionary Work and the Ministry

The question has been asked, did you not give Dr. Kellogg encouragement after he had entered into this work? I answer, I did; for I had been instructed that a work of this character should be done by all our churches; that a deep interest should be taken in this very line of work; that according to the light which the Lord had been pleased to give me, this line of work should have been taken hold of with resolution by our ministers, not to create a large center in one place, but to establish the work in many cities and to arouse the people to give of the Lord's money for the work in behalf of suffering humanity.

The Lord gave me light that in every place where a church was established, medical missionary work was to be done. But there was in the Battle Creek church a great deal of selfishness. Those at the very heart of the work indulged their own wishes in a way that dishonored God. Dr. Kellogg was not sustained in the health reform work, the importance of which had been kept before the church for thirty years. This work was hindered because of the feelings and prejudices of some in Battle Creek who were not disposed to conform their course of action to the Word of God regarding health reform principles.

The history of Daniel is recorded for the special benefit of those who desire to place themselves in the best condition of physical soundness, that they may reach as high a standard of usefulness as Daniel reached. The first chapter of Daniel is one of the most forcible discourses on temperance that could be given. Read it, read it, and as you read, become wise, not in your own conceit, but wise like Daniel and his fellows, whose physical, mental and spiritual understanding increased with their sanctified resolution to adhere strictly to the principles of temperance in eating and drinking. These youth were greatly blessed in their effort to honor and please God by preserving their physical powers so that they would have mental strength, and so that God could mould and fashion them after the divine similitude. We read; “As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.... And in all matters of wisdom and understanding that kings inquired

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