Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 114

I call upon you, my brother, to be a free man. The time you have spent in the Sanitarium has not given you the qualifications that would fit you to be a co-worker with the great Medical Missionary in saving souls. Had you placed yourself under the instruction of the greatest Teacher the world has ever known, He would have given you an education that would have prepared you to work with Him. You would not have obtained an experience that would have almost unfitted you to be Christ's co-laborer in the healing of the souls and bodies of His people.

Men and women are being held in the Battle Creek Sanitarium who are needed in the world, to proclaim the message that the Lord is soon to come with power and great glory. This warning must be proclaimed. Those who know the truth for this time are to go forth to take it to those who know it not. They are to cooperate with Christ, the great Missionary, whose work it was to draw men to God. He was content to conceal Himself, to hide His divinity under the garb of humanity.

I call upon those who are at Battle Creek, losing their faith and losing their first love, to come away, and take hold of the work of God in neglected fields, as soon as they have recovered from the influence of the seducing theories that have threatened to spoil them for the ministry of the word and for the precious missionary work in which they might engage were they fully established in the faith. Actions speak louder than words. A world is perishing in sin, and God calls for workers. He wants one thousand at work in the highways and in the hedges, where now there is but one. We have no time to listen to idle tales and false science. The faith of many will be revived when they will humble their hearts before God, and go forth to fulfill the commission of Christ, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Had a large part of the company of students who have been gathered into Battle Creek, engaged in the work as evangelists, colporteurs, and canvassers, trying in humility to teach the word, there would have been a much more spiritual and sacredly intelligent medical working company. Had they gone forth, taking Christ as their Teacher, many who may never again become settled in the truth, would have received an education that would have enabled them to open the Scriptures to others. Large numbers would have been converted, and would have put out their talents to usury, teaching the things that Christ has commanded. But alas! They have been given a knowledge that, in the day of judgment, when the books will be opened, and every man judged according to the deeds done in the body, they will wish they had never been accepted. Better never to have learned the lessons they have been learning in unbelief and lack of faith, in sophistry and untruthful representations.

Oh, may God open blind eyes! May He have pity on our people, who have so little judgment and wisdom!

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