Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 115

Re-copied 7/12/28 K-367-1904 by L. F. W.

Melrose, Mass. BCL 115

August 31, 1904 BCL 115

Dr. Kellogg: BCL 115

Dear Brother, BCL 115

I have a most earnest desire that you shall stand on vantage ground. BCL 115.1

Recently I have been unable to do much, but I have received special help from the great Healer. He has given me power as I have borne my testimony before the people. During my stay in Philadelphia, I spoke twice, once in each of the tents pitched in that city. The Lord gave me strength to address those assembled, and I praise His Holy Name. BCL 115.2

Since coming to this place, I have spoken several times. A campmeeting is in progress about a mile from the Sanitarium, and on Sabbath and Sunday afternoons and during the week I spoke. The Lord gave me strength, and there was much of His Spirit in the meeting. We leave Melrose before the meeting closes to attend a meeting in Connecticut. I shall be there for a few days only, as I am to attend a meeting in Omaha. BCL 115.3

I learned this morning that on our way to Omaha we shall pass through Battle Creek, and since this is so, I thought that perhaps I could spend a day or two there. Could the church be gathered together sometime during the week? I should be glad to speak to them. I do not think I could stay over the Sabbath, for I have an appointment to speak at the Omaha meeting at that time. BCL 115.4

I have tried to write to you before, but have been too weary after speaking. Be assured that I received your letter with thanksgiving. I know that the Spirit of the Lord has been grieved and His name dishonored. But if you will carry out the work of repentance that you have begun, I will do my best to help in every way possible. The Lord would be greatly dishonored were His people to follow a course that would lead the people of the world to think that we were divided into two parties. To keep up an internal warfare would please the enemy and greatly retard the work that the Lord would have done in our world. BCL 115.5

I have said over and over again that there must be unity between the gospel ministry and the medical missionary work. If you and your associates draw off to do the work that you have been doing, I shall be compelled to publish the warnings that the Lord has been giving you for the past twenty years. The people in our BCL 115.6

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