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Battle Creek Letters, Page 116

conferences have not seen these warnings. But if this can be avoided by our blending together, much mis-interpretation and mis-understanding will be saved. I have been charged that unless some change is made, I must publish these warnings to save the people of God from being led into strange and forbidden paths. I do not desire that this matter shall come before the world. By coming into line as you propose, you can save this.

All that can be done now is to come into line. We can but suppose that the evil seed that has been sown will bring forth tares. But if you will act your part in the fear of God and for the love of souls, the Lord can overrule the matter for good. We shall certainly be approved of God if we avoid giving the world a chapter that it would be better they should never see.

Will you not take your stand firmly upon the platform of eternal truth, living the truth before the world. Your associates will need to consider what course they should pursue. But you have your part to perform, as if there were not another person connected with you.

I ask you to study the prayer of Christ as recorded in the seventeenth chapter of John. I hope, my dear brother, that you will see this prayer in its true character. It is a lesson by which our course of action is to be guided. It contains the science that will stand the test of ages. It is an illustration of the intercession that will stand that Christ is making and to the end of the world will continue to make for those who believe in Him.

The root of the sin that is in our world is an unbelief in Christ and an unwillingness to accept the truths that He came into our world to proclaim. Sin has made us aliens from God. The first step toward restoration is obedience to words, “Let him take hold of my strength, that he may make peace with Me, and he shall make peace with Me.” A belief in Christ as a personal Saviour is the only salvation provided for the sinner.

1 John 5:1-5; 1:3-10.

Christ died for us to make an atonement for our sins. He is now standing at His Father's right hand, pleading for us. To all who receive Him. He will give power to become the sons of God. Had He not paid the redemption price for us, we could not be saved. But His intercessions prevail; He had power to take away your sins. He lives to make intercession and because He lives, we shall live also if we are obedient to His will. He will keep us from falling.

“Sanctify them through thy truth, thy word is truth.” Sanctification through the truth means unreserved surrender. In it there is increase, continuous and progressive, until grace is

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