Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 118

Re-copied 7/12/28 K-319-1905 by L. F. W.

Takoma Park, Washington, D.C.

June 2, 1905

Dr. J. H. Kellogg:

Dear Brother,

A scene has been presented before me of actions performed by you, similar to the actions of Satan in the heavenly courts. From time to time I have given warnings to different ones who were being blinded by your sophistries and misrepresentations. Your power of misrepresentation is so continuously exerted that many have been deceived.

In some things you act like a man bereft of his reason. It is a marvel to me how one who has had the light in so many ways, who has received so many warnings and reproofs, can yet go on blindfolding himself and others.

You wrote me that you had surrendered. But wherein have you surrendered? When I received this word from you, I forbore to open before you some things that I shall now have to tell you. I hoped that you would seek to reform. Many times you have been entreated to change your course. You certainly need to do so; for you have been the greatest hindrance to the work that God would have advance in straight lines. Other men have acted a part in some respects similar to the part that you have been acting, but they have not been so regardless of justice, honesty, and truth.

You have not been given occasion to do the things that you have done. For years I have striven to give you every word of encouragement that I dared give you, hoping that you might take hold of the encouragement and make thorough work for eternity. At the General Conference held in Battle Creek in 1901, I treated you as a man who would make every effort to set things right. When your long drawn out documents were presented to me to commend and approve, I was shown clearly by the heavenly agencies the sure results of receiving such documents. I was shown the oppression that would be exercised by you and by others linked up with you, who were spiritually blind.

You have made persistent efforts to try to center everything in Battle Creek, after clear light had been given that this should not be done. For years messages have been coming to you, distinctly pointing out the fact that plants should be made in many

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