Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 14

Re-copied July 11, 1928 B—38-99 V. E. R.

Elders Prescott, Irwin, Jones, Smith and Waggoner

Dear Brethren,

I have written to Brother John Kellogg in regard to matters which should come before him, asking him not to pursue a course which will in any way detract from his influence. The Lord has greatly exalted and blessed His servant, Dr. Kellogg. He has used him to honor His name upon the earth and to give character to the work. Dr. Kellogg has been obtaining a most precious experience. But there are some who have acted as though they had been appointed to work against him. The Lord has reproved their course of action. They knew not that they were working on Satan's side of the question. As men and women have thus worked out their own attributes, this has been a hindrance to the doctor. His brethren have had evidence that he has been working in accordance with the will of God. But although they have had light on this point, they have not all stood by his side to help him. Some have held up his hands, but others have not heeded the admonitions given. Every evidence that could be given has been given, but some have shown that they have not practiced self-denial. They have not taken up the cross to follow Christ. Such ones reveal the principles which have corrupted them.

Those who refused the warnings of God followed a course of action which brought its sure result. These influences have sometimes made the work of Dr. Kellogg doubly as hard as it should have been. They have led him to stand apart to some degree from the ministry. I desire to present matters as they are presented to me. Such a spirit of criticism and fault-finding has done the work Satan designed should be done. Dr. Kellogg has been led to take the course he deemed it his duty to take. He has not connected with those who were not in sympathy with the work he knew to be of God.

Our people have not all appreciated as they should the man through whom God has worked, and with whom He has cooperated upon the subject of health reform. They have not reasoned from cause to effect to understand how great was the blessing of the Sanitarium at Battle Creek under the management of Dr. Kellogg and his faithful associates. Through this work the truths of the third angel's message have entered where it would otherwise have been very difficult for them to find entrance. But the perceptions of our people have been blinded. They have not felt that the Lord has greatly honored His people in establishing the Sanitarium which for the influence and success

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