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Battle Creek Letters, Page 36

perverted through indulgence, whose souls have been abused, whose characters are misshapen and deformed, whose habits and desires are grovelling, who think habitually upon evil. Such ones can be transformed in character; but few ever are. Many make a superficial change in their habits and practices, and then suppose that they are Christians. They are received into church fellowship; but they are a great trouble and a great care. Through them Satan tries to sow in the church the seeds of jealousy, dishonesty, criticism, and accusing. Thus he tried to corrupt the other members of the church. The same disposition that mastered the man, led him to break away from all restraint and brought him into the place where he was found. He is reported to be rescued. But time shows that the work done for him did not make him a submissive child of God. Resentful feelings rise at every supposed slight. He cherishes bitterness, wrath, malice. By his words and spirit, he shows that he has not been born again. His tendencies are downward, tending to sensuality. He is untrustworthy, unthankful, unholy. Thus it is with all the debased who have not been soundly converted. Everyone of these marred characters, untransformed, become an efficient worker for Satan, creating dissension and strife.

The Lord has marked out His way of working. As a people we are not to imitate and fall in with the Salvation Army methods. This is not the work the Lord has given us to do. Neither is it our work to condemn them and speak harsh words against them. There are precious, self-sacrificing souls in the Salvation Army. We are to treat them kindly. There are in the Army honest souls, sincerely serving the Lord, who will see greater light, and will advance to the acceptance of all truth. Those in the Salvation Army are trying to save the neglected downtrodden ones. Discourage them not. Let them do that class of work by their own methods and in their own way. The Lord has plainly stated what the Seventh-day Adventists are to do. Camp-meetings are to be appointed, and a series of tent-meetings held. There should be no hesitancy in presenting the truth applicable for this time. A decided testimony is to be borne. The discourses given should be so simple that children can understand them.

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