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Battle Creek Letters, Page 38

them. Dr. Kellogg has no more right to judge the ministers than the ministers have to judge him. BCL 37.4

The time will come when Dr. Kellogg will see that his spirit and actions have not been such that God could say to him, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” When the heavenly eyesalve is applied to his eyes, he will see his course as it really is. He will see that some phases of his work are just as much opposed to the teachings of the gospel as are the works of the enemies of the cross of Christ BCL 38.1

As a people we must stand together, refusing to be coerced into signing contracts binding themselves about in order to be favored. God says, “Stand bravely for the right; follow Bible principles; and I will be with you as your helper.” But when God's people play the cowards as they did at the meeting concerning Lincoln College, they show that they fear man more than they fear God. When God is with a man, that man receives power from on high, and can guide and direct, but when a man is controlled by another spirit, his wisdom is to be regarded and treated as foolishness. BCL 38.2

God will be with His people just as long as they follow His directions. If He says to one, Go to Nineveh, and warn the inhabitants of that wicked city of their danger, He sends His angels with His servant to protect him till his work is done. But we need to remember that in our association and connection with the depraved, there are bounds and barriers which cannot safely be overstepped. We need to be guarded, lest the atmosphere surrounding our souls shall become clouded, and through Satan's deceptive power we shall lose all sense of the difference between righteousness and holiness and defilement and sin. BCL 38.3

Man's only safety is constant, earnest belief in the truth. We are to follow the very lines of work God has laid down. Satan is over on the ground, taking advantage of every circumstance to prevent man from being sanctified through the truth as it is in Jesus. He seeks to lead them to pursue such a course that he can lead them to carry out his own purposes. BCL 38.4

The Lord desires memorials for Him to be established in all parts of the world. Here in Australia we have tried to advance in God's appointed way, taking the Bible as our rule of faith and practice. The only safety for the cause and the work of God in these last days, when deception is so prevalent, is to preserve the principles which have been the foundation of our success. If we desire to have God's blessing, we must practice Christ's self-denial and self-sacrifice. Study the Word of God. Walk and work as Christ walked and worked. Men must put away the ambitious schemes which have puffed them up and exalted them in their own estimation, when they should always keep humble. Let those who desire to follow a course of action which represents the life of BCL 38.5

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