Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 4

Re-copied Aug. 6, 1928 G—189—03 V. E. R.

Extracts from a Letter Relating to the Question of Our Young People Going to Battle Creek for their Education

“The light given me by the Lord—that our youth should not collect in Battle Creek to receive their education—has in no particular been changed. The fact that the Sanitarium has been rebuilt in Battle Creek does not change the light. All that in the past made Battle Creek a place unsuitable for our youth exists today, so far as influence is concerned.

“Word has come to me that letters have been sent out to our churches in the different states offering our youth special inducements to connect with the Battle Creek Sanitarium. The leading men in our conferences are requested to send their most promising young men and young women to the Battle Creek Sanitarium to be educated and trained as nurses. This is an effort to counterwork the counsel of the Lord. Those who present these inducements are walking contrary to the will of the Lord.....

“I would say, be careful what moves are made. It is not God's design that our youth should be called to Battle Creek.

“Letters of inquiry are coming to us, asking, “Has Sister White changed? Does she now favor the re-establishment of a college in Battle Creek?” In the past I have given the word of the Lord in regard to the removal of the school from Battle Creek, and I have not changed....

“In connection with every one of our sanitariums there is to be provided for the training of the youth as medical missionaries, so that our young men and women need not go to Battle Creek to receive an education in these lines. It is the intelligent and promising and promising youth who are called for to come to Battle Creek, and these are the very ones that are needed in other places, in our schools, in our sanitariums. These young men and young women will be needed to do the work that must be done in different parts of the Lord's vineyard. There are many lines of work to be carried forward, and many laborers are needed. We need one hundred laborers where now there is but one. Our forces are not to be centered in one place. They are to be scattered throughout the field. Plants are to be made in all parts of the Lord's vineyard. We protest

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