Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 43

Re-copied July 15, 1928 MS—74—1902 V.E.R. Unheeded Warnings

South Lancaster, Mass

November 27, 1901

The Lord has again shown me some things with reference to Dr. Kellogg's dangers. May the Lord give me much of His Holy Spirit; for of myself I can not do the work that God has committed to me. And unless God shall influence the minds of Dr. Kellogg and his associates, they will surely say, “Who has been talking with Sister White?” My answer is, “One who is in authority”. But the question, “Who has been talking with Sister White?” by whomsoever asked, shows a lack of confidence in the work that the Lord has given me to do. It shows that this work is not appreciated.

Is it so that if, when the Testimonies come to our brethren, they harmonize with their ideas and plans, they are confident that they are of God; but that if, when they come, they do not harmonize with their cherished plans, they regard them as of no special value? If this is so, how can the message I bear fulfill the purpose for which it is sent? What power to help is there in the message I bear if when leading men receive from me a communication that cuts across their plans, they have so little faith in the Testimonies as to say that I have been influenced by my son or by some member of my family, or by some one else high or afar off. It is hard for me to believe that this is a true measure of their confidence. When the testimonies reprove men of experience, who are bearing large responsibilities, are we to expect that they will endeavor to justify themselves, as others of less experience have done? This is the temptation to which many yield, and by yielding they lose the benefits and blessings that they might receive by accepting the message.

Suppose that some one had talked with me concerning the work of Dr. Kellogg and other leading men. Do you think that I would dare to mingle these words and thought with the message that the Lord gives me for these brethren? While we are in this world, we shall always hear words of criticism regarding the course that others are pursuing. If my brethren look upon the warnings that they have received as being unimportant because of words that have been spoken and letters that have been written to me, if they refuse to accept the Testimonies given through me, because they think in their hearts, “Somebody has influenced Sister White; somebody has told her, “they must bear the responsibilities

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