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Battle Creek Letters, Page 48

Re-copied July 16, 1928 B—128—02 V. E. R.

“Elmshaven”, Sanitarium, Cal.,

July 6, 1902

To the General Conference Committee
And the Medical Missionary Board:
Dear Brethren,---

Over and over again instruction has been given me that all must be done that can be done to draw people away from Battle Creek. I was shown that the Sanitarium there was deteriorating for the want of men of capability and consecration to carry it forward in pure, upward lines, in accordance with the Bible principles. Very clearly it has been presented to me that it would be in God's order for the work of the Battle Creek Sanitarium to be divided, and plants made in many other places, in the cities that are in need of Sanitariums. More true medical missionary work would then be done; and from many places the light of truth would shine forth with saving power.

I am instructed to say that our people must not be drawn upon for means to erect an immense sanitarium in Battle Creek; the money that would be used in the erection of that one mammoth building should be used in making plants in many places. We must not draw all we can from our people for the establishment of a great sanitarium in one place, to the neglect of other places, which are unworked for the want of means. It is not the Lord's will for His people to erect a mammoth sanitarium in Battle Creek or in any other place. In many places in America, sanitariums are to be established. These sanitariums are not to be large institutions, but are to be of sufficient size to enable the work to be carried forward successfully.

Cautions have been given me in reference to the work before us. We are not to encourage students in large numbers to receive their education at Battle Creek. Battle Creek is not the only place to which we are to look for the education of nurses and other medical missionary workers. In every sanitarium established, preparation must be made to train young men and young women to be medical missionaries. The Lord will open the way before them as they go forth to work for Him.

The evidence before us of the fulfilment of the prophecy declares that the end of all things is at hand. There is much important work to be done out of and away from Battle Creek. There will be need of sanitariums in many of the cities of the South, as well as in other parts of America.

It is time for us to think soberly. Taking all things into consideration, we should read the providence of God in His movements.

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