Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 61

Re-copied August 21, 1928 K—174—02 V. E. R.

“Elmshaven,” Sanitarium,

Nov. 11, 1902

Dr. J. H. Kellogg:

My dear brother,

When you took your position with those who have warded off all testimonies of reproof, did you feel that you were standing on safe ground? Do you not know that those who despise and throw aside the counsels of the Lord, are in fearful peril? And do you not know that by standing with them, you are making of no account the work given me of God? Any one could say, “Some one has told Sister White:” but this would not make it so. Any one could close his eyes to his danger, but this would not make the danger less real. This is too serious a matter for you to trifle with.

“Some one has told her.” This, then is the measure of your faith. But though you say this, you know better. I charge this upon you in the name of the Lord. But I will not argue about the matter. If you cavil over the instruction that God has given, refusing to accept it as truth, under the subterfuge that all unrepentant sinners have used and will continue to use, the guilt is your own. But so long as the Lord presents before me you case and your dangers, I shall not cease to warn you. If you will not take heed, if you refuse to change, I must then present the instruction given me to those in responsible positions, that the people of God may not be leavened by the influence of your erroneous position.

Dr. Kellogg, no one can appreciate more fully than myself the honor that God has bestowed on you in connecting you with His work as His chosen physician. I have a knowledge of you as a boy, and the Lord has instructed me in regard to the dangers that threatened you even in your childhood years, because of hereditary and cultivated tendencies.

One evening my husband and I talked about your case for a long time, and then joined in prayer for you. In the night season light was given that we were to make a way for you and two of your companions. We decided to invest three thousand dollars in this,—a thousand dollars for each of you. Light was given me that my husband and I were to act the part of a father and a mother to you. I was instructed that as you engaged in active service the responsibilities placed on you would bring temptation and trial. So long as you heeded the cautions given you by the Lord, you would be safe, but should you trust in your own wisdom, you would be in positive danger.

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