Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 86

Re-copied 7/20/88 B—256-1903 By L. F. W.

St. Helena, Calif., Oct. 25, 1903 To the Officers of the Int. M M. & B. Association

Dear Brethren,

The Lord has instructed me that our people are to establish a sanitarium in Washington, D.C. to co-operate with the publishing house and the school to be established there. In this sanitarium opportunity is to be given to the youth to learn how to conduct sanitarium work in harmony with the instruction that God has sent His people.

I was also instructed that in the establishment of the Sanitarium at Washington, we are not to unite with Dr. Kellogg, because he knows not where he has been standing as regards his faith in God and in Christ. The truth must be given to the people of Washington very differently from the way in which it would be given were it under the direction of your Association. The Lord would have His work carried on in a different spirit from that manifested by Dr. Kellogg at the Oakland Conference and in Battle Creek since the Conference.

Several years ago the Lord instructed me that we should establish a sanitarium in Washington, and that it should stand separate and independent from the sanitarium at Battle Creek.

Ever since my return from Australia, light has been clearly given me that those who are firm in the faith should place themselves decidedly on the Lord's side, and that they should work with all their God-given power to counteract the centralizing influences that have developed round the medical work in Battle Creek.

The Lord has plainly instructed me that we must not permit the medical men in Battle Creek to sway the work in Washington, because, unless greatly changed, they would exert a strong influence to thwart the plan of God in that important center. While these men continue to follow principles that God has condemned, how could the Lord be honored by having the Battle Creek mold placed on all our medical missionary institutions? Those who give shape to our medical work in Washington should be sound in the faith, understanding clearly the principles of the truth that in positive terms has been given to us as a people.

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