Ellen G. White Writings

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Battle Creek Letters, Page 92

Re-copied 7/18/28 T-266-1903 by L. F. W.

“Elmshaven,” Sanitarium, Calif.

December 3, 1903

Dear Brethren G.C. Tenney and A.T. Jones,

I am charged with a message for you. Now is the time to do decided work. There must be no daubing the wall with untempered mortar. But you are not half awake. You need to be thoroughly aroused before you can give true instruction to those you are supposed to be helping. Your own hearts need to be worked by the Holy Spirit, else you will not be able men, imbued with a clear sense of what you need, keeping strict guard over yourselves. You need to work deeper, and cleanse you souls most thoroughly from impurity. You are not now prepared to give the trumpet a certain sound. Self, unsanctified self, receives altogether [too] much respect from you.

Remember that your actions, words, looks, and thoughts are to be carefully guarded, else you will come short. Neither of you are developing as you ought the traits of character that would make you safe guardians of souls. The word of God is to be something more to you than you make it. You need to have done in your hearts the purifying, cleansing, reformatory work of the Spirit of God.

You may repeat the words of life, many, many times, and yet fail to make them a life-saving power to your souls. The eyes of both of you need to be anointed with the heavenly eyesalve, else your words and your example will mislead. When you closely and critically examine yourselves, you will find that you have a work to do for yourselves before you can skillfully apply the gospel remedy to such a man as Dr. Kellogg.

God is in earnest with you, with Dr. Kellogg, and with every one. My brethren, your spiritual welfare is at stake. You both need the cleansing of the refining furnace. Your standing before God is not what it may be through the grace which Christ supplies. You both need to take heed to yourselves, to cleanse your souls from everything that defiles, and to take your position on a much higher plane.

Do not, I beg of you, neglect this word of warning. The salvation of your souls is in peril. Unless your eyes are anointed with the heavenly eyesalve, you will lose the clear discernment that you must have in order to be faithful watchmen, able to discern between good and evil.

You need to eat the flesh and drink the blood of the Son of God. This you must do in order to have the life of Christ. You

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