Ellen G. White Writings

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Beginning of the End, Page 3


1. Why Was Sin Permitted?7
2. Creation: God’s Answer to Evolution12
3. The Predicament of Our First Parents16
4. The Plan of Redemption Is Unveiled22
5. The First Murderer and His Victim26
6. Seth: When Men Turned to God30
7. When the World Was Destroyed by Water35
8. After the Flood, a New Beginning42
9. The Beginning of the Literal Week45
10. When Languages Were Changed48
11. Abraham, the Father of All Believers52
12. Abraham, a Good Neighbor in Canaan56
13. The Offering of Isaac: Test of Faith63
14. The Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah69
15. Isaac’s Marriage: The Happiest in the Bible76
16. Jacob and Esau80
17. Jacob’s Flight and Exile84
18. Jacob’s Terrible Night of Wrestling90
19. Jacob Comes Home94
20. The Amazing Story of Joseph99
21. Joseph and His Brothers105
22. Moses, the Leader of God’s People116
23. The Ten Plagues of Egypt124
24. The First Passover133
25. The Israelites Leave Egypt136
26. Israel Meets With Difficulties140
27. God Gives His Law on Mount Sinai146
28. Israel Worships a Golden Calf143
29. Satan’s Hatred of God’s Law161
30. The Sanctuary: God’s Dwelling Place in Israel167
31. The Sin of Nadab and Abihu175
32. The Grace of Christ and the New Covenant177
33. The Terrible Grumblings of God’s People183

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