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Counsels on Diet and Foods, Page 310

470. A plain, simple, but liberal supply of fruit is the best food that can be placed before those who are preparing for the work of God.—Letter 103, 1896

[Fruits and Grains, Food for Those Preparing for Translation- 488, 515]

A Part of an Adequate Diet

471. Grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables constitute the diet chosen for us by our Creator. These foods prepared in as simple and natural a manner as possible, are the most healthful and nourishing. They impart a strength, a power of endurance, and a vigor of intellect, that are not afforded by a more complex and stimulating diet.—The Ministry of Healing, 296, 1905

[Fruits, Grains, Vegetables with Milk and Cream, The Most Healthful Diet—487]

[Vegetables on E. G. White's table—Appendix 1:4, 8, 15]

472. In grains, fruits, vegetables, and nuts are to be found all the food elements that we need. If we will come to the Lord in simplicity of mind, He will teach us how to prepare wholesome food free from the taint of flesh meat.—Manuscript 27, 1906

[Fruit a Part of the Adequate Diet—483, 486, 513]

[Nature's Ample Supply of Fruits, Nuts, and Grains—485]

[Fruit a Constituent of Health Foods—399, 400, 403, 404, 407, 810]

A Temporary Fruit Diet

473. Intemperate eating is often the cause of sickness, and what nature most needs is to be relieved of the undue burden that has been placed upon her. In many cases of sickness, the very best remedy is for the patient to fast for a meal or two, that the overworked organs of digestion may have an opportunity to rest. A fruit diet for a few days has often brought great relief to brain workers. Many times a short period of entire abstinence from food, followed by simple, moderate eating, has led to recovery through nature's own recuperative effort. An abstemious diet for a month or two would convince many sufferers that the path of self-denial is the path to health.—The Ministry of Healing, 235, 1905

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