Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels on Diet and Foods, Page 8

Table of Contents

1. Reasons for Reform15
2. Diet and Spirituality43
   i The Relation of Diet to Morals60
3. Health Reform and the Third Angel's Message69
4. The Proper Dietary81
   i The Original Diet81
   ii The Simple Diet82
   iii An Adequate Diet91
   iv Diet in Various Countries94
5. Physiology of Digestion101
6. Improper Eating a Cause of Disease117
7. Overeating131
8. Control of Appetite145
9. Regularity in Eating173
   i Number of Meals173
   ii Eating Between Meals179
10. Fasting185
11. Extremes in Diet195
12. Diet During Pregnancy217
13. Diet in Childhood225
14. Healthful Cookery251
15. Health Foods and Hygienic Restaurants267
16. Sanitarium Dietary281
17. Diet a Rational Remedy301
18. Fruits, Cereals, and Vegetables309
   i Fruits309
   ii Grains313

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