Ellen G. White Writings

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Christian Experience and Teachings of Ellen G. White, Page 9

Table of Contents

1. Childhood13-15
2. Conversion16-20
   A Spiritual Revival16
   Righteousness by Faith17
   The Burden Lifted18
   “In Newness of Life”19
3. Beginning of Public Labors21-34
   The Advent Cause in Portland21
   Mental Anguish24
   Dream of Temple and Lamb24
   Dream of Seeing Jesus26
   Friendly Sympathy and Counsel28
   My First Public Prayer29
   A View of the Father's Love31
   Bearing Testimony32
   Laboring for Young Friends33
4. The Advent Faith35-44
   Experience in Class Meeting35
   The Blessed Hope36
   Last Testimony in Class Meeting37
   Spreading the Advent Message38
   The Immortality Question39
   The Pastor's Visit41
5. The Disappointment45-56
   Meetings in Beethoven Hall45
   Joyous Expectancy47
   Days of Perplexity47
   An Error in Reckoning49
   Hope Renewed50
   A Trial of Faith52
   A Period of Preparation52
   The Passing of the Time54
6. My First Vision57-61
7. A Vision of the New Earth62-64
8. Call to Travel65-72
   Encouragement From the Brethren66
   Fear of Self-Exaltation67
   Among the Believers in Maine68
   An Answer to Prayer69
9. Meeting Fanaticism73-83
   A False Humility73

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