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The Conditionalist Faith of Our Fathers, vol. 2, Page 889

CHAPTER FORTY-THREE: Various Accusing Fingers Incriminate Platonism

The geographical spread of the twelve spokesmen in this chapter ranges from Canada and the United States in the West, to faraway India in the East-along with England, Scotland, Switzerland, and Germany in the Old World. They include a provost, eight university professors, a bishop, an Institute director, and a Keswick speaker. They include men of international renown. And in religious affiliation they run all the way from Anglican to Swiss Reformed, Church of Scotland, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Dutch Reformed, Episcopalian, and Disciple. The remarkable harmony of affirmation on one or more of the three major features of Conditionalism continues, along with relentless exposure of the Platonic fallacies and foibles that have penetrated and perverted the church. The momentum of the movement has not slackened. First we turn to Canada.

I. Toronto’s Owen-“Greek Dualism” Perverted Christian Theology

Dr. DERWYN R. G. OWEN, 11) DERWYN R. G. OWEN (1914-), Anglican, was trained at the University of Toronto and Union Theological Seminary. He was the son of Archbishop D. T. Owen, late Primate of the Church of Canada. After teaching and army chaplaincies, he joined the staff of Trinity College, of which he is now executive head. It is interesting to note that Owen studied under both Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich, whose positions on the current discussion are sketched elsewhere in this twentieth-century section. provost of Trinity College, University of Toronto, issued an impressive volume in 1956 titled Body and Soul, with the subtitle, “A Study on the Christian

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