Ellen G. White Writings

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Child Guidance, Page 106

Chapter 17—Cleanliness

God Is Particular—The Lord commanded the children of Israel to wash their clothes and put away all impurity from their encampment, lest in passing by He should see their uncleanness. God is passing by our homes today, and He looks upon the unsanitary conditions of families and the lax habits. Had we not better reform, and that without delay?

Parents, God has made you His agents, that you may instill right principles in the minds of your children. You have in trust the Lord's little ones, and that God who was so particular that the children of Israel should grow up with habits of cleanliness will not sanction any impurity in the home today. God has given you the work of educating your children in these lines, and in training your children in habits of cleanliness, you teach them spiritual lessons. They will see that God would have them clean in heart as well as in body, and will be led to an understanding of the pure principles which God designs should prompt every act of their lives.1Manuscript 32, 1899.

If God was so particular to enjoin cleanliness upon those journeying in the wilderness, who were in the open air nearly all the time, He requires no less of us who live in ceiled houses, where impurities are more observable and have a more unhealthful influence.2Counsels on Health, 82.

Cleanliness Should Become Second Nature—Uncleanness in the home is a great mistake, for it is educating in its effects and casts its influence abroad. Even in babyhood a right direction should be given to the minds and habits of children.... Show them that uncleanness,

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