Ellen G. White Writings

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Child Guidance, Page 143

Chapter 26—Courtesy and Reserve

Courtesy Begins in the Home [Note: See The Adventist Home, 421-429, chapter entitled “Courtesy and Kindness.”]—Parents, teach your children ... how to conduct themselves in the home with true politeness. Educate them to show kindness and tenderness to one another. Allow no selfishness to live in the heart or find room in the home.1Manuscript 74, 1900.

The youth who grow up careless and rude in words and manners reveal the character of their home training. The parents have not realized the importance of their stewardship; and the harvest they have sown, they have also reaped.2Manuscript 117, 1899.

Principles of Heaven to Pervade—The principles of heaven are to be brought into the government of the home. Every child is to be taught to be polite, compassionate, loving, pitiful, courteous, tenderhearted.3Manuscript 100, 1902.

When all are members of the royal family, there will be true politeness in the home life. Each member of the family will seek to make it pleasant for every other member.4Manuscript 60, 1903.

Teach It by Precept and Example—Children, as well as those of older years, are exposed to temptations; and the older members of the family should give them, by precept and example, lessons in courtesy, cheerfulness, affection, and in the faithful discharge of their daily duties.5Manuscript 27, 1896.

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