Ellen G. White Writings

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Child Guidance, Page 175

Chapter 34—Ways in Which Character Is Ruined

Parents May Sow the Seed of Ruin—Mistaken parents are teaching their children lessons which will prove ruinous to them, and are also planting thorns for their own feet.... To a great extent, parents hold in their own hands the future happiness of their children. Upon them rests the important work of forming the character of these children. The instructions given in childhood will follow them all through life. Parents sow the seed which will spring up and bear fruit either for good or evil. They can fit their sons and daughters for happiness or for misery.1Testimonies For The Church 1:393.

By Indulgence or Iron Rule—Children are often indulged from their babyhood, and wrong habits become fixed. The parents have been bending the sapling. By their course of training the character develops, either into deformity or into symmetry and beauty. But while many err upon the side of indulgence, others go to the opposite extreme and rule their children with a rod of iron. Neither of these follow out the Bible directions, but both are doing a fearful work. They are molding the minds of their children and must render an account in the day of God for the manner in which they have done this. Eternity will reveal the results of the work done in this life.2Testimonies For The Church 4:368, 369.

By Failing to Train for God—In failing to train their children to keep the way of the Lord, to do those things

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