Ellen G. White Writings

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Child Guidance, Page 135

use the Lord's money to please the fancies of your children. Do not teach them to seek after style and ostentation in order to obtain an influence in the world.... CG 134.3

Do not educate your children to think that your love for them must be expressed by indulging their pride, their extravagance, their love of display. There is no time now to invent ways of using money. Your inventive faculties are to be put to the stretch, to see how you can economize.3Manuscript 139, 1898. CG 135.1

Christ's Lesson in Economy—There is a lesson for us in the feeding of the five thousand, a lesson that has a special application to those times when we are placed in trying circumstances and are compelled to practice close economy. Having worked the miracle and satisfied the hunger of the multitude, Christ was careful that the food that remained should not be wasted.4Manuscript 3, 1912. CG 135.2

He said to the disciples, “Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost.” Though He had all the resources of heaven at His command, He would not suffer even a morsel of bread to be wasted.5Letter 20a, 1893. CG 135.3

Discard Nothing Useful—Nothing that can be utilized should be thrown away. This will require wisdom, and forethought, and constant care. It has been presented to me that the inability to save, in little things, is one reason why so many families suffer for lack of the necessities of life.6Manuscript 3, 1912. CG 135.4

They Never Learned to Economize—There is much work to be done for the Master, and men who might today be occupying high positions in connection with the work of God have failed because they never learned to economize. They did not limit their wants to their incomes when they entered the work, and their spend-thrift CG 135.5

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