Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels on Health, Page 5

Table of Contents

Section I. The World's Need
Multitudes in Distress13
A Degenerate Race18
The Violation of Physical Law19
A Work of Reformation Needed25
The Outlook26
Religion and Health28
Christ's Love a Healing Power29
Christ's Manner of Healing30
The Christian Physician as a Missionary32
Effects of Wrong Habits36
A World Unwarned36
Section II. Essentials To Health
A Knowledge of First Principles37
The Wisdom of God's Works40
Govern the Body41
Adherence to a Simple Diet42
Purchased of God43
Develop Ability48
Temperance in All Things49
The World No Criterion51
Physical Exercise52
Pure Air and Sunlight55
Deep Breathing59
Superstitions Concerning Night Air59
The Influence of Fresh Air60
Scrupulous Sanitation61
Use Simple Food63
Physical Habits and Spiritual Health64
Nonuse of Flesh Meats70
Avoid Gluttony.71
Lessons From the Experience of John the Baptist72
Benevolence and Rectitude in Married Life75

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