Ellen G. White Writings

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Christ in His Sanctuary, Page 5

The Sanctuary Truth

An Introduction*An introductory chapter prepared in the office of the Ellen G. White Estate, providing the historical setting for the E. G. White chapters and other of her materials selected for the study of the sanctuary truth as understood and taught by Seventh-day Adventists.

Writing of what must be accomplished by the emerging Seventh-day Adventist Church before the Lord shall come, Ellen G. White in 1883 said: CIHS 5.1

“The minds of believers were to be directed to the heavenly sanctuary, where Christ had entered to make atonement for His people.”—Selected Messages, 1:67. CIHS 5.2

In a crisis in 1906, in which certain of the basic teachings of Seventh-day Adventists were threatened, she wrote: CIHS 5.3

“The correct understanding of the ministration in the heavenly sanctuary is the foundation of our faith.”—Evangelism, 221. CIHS 5.4

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