Ellen G. White Writings

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Colporteur Ministry, Page vii

Table of Contents

Section I Colporteur Evangelism
1. Our Literature and Its Mission1
2. A Work Second to None6
3. A Call for Colporteur Evangelists16
4. Selection of Colporteur Evangelists26
5. Our Students and Colporteur Evangelism30
6. A Soul-Winning Work36
Section II The Qualified Colporteur
7. Wholly Surrendered to God47
8. Fully Prepared55
9. Exemplary in Habit, Deportment, and Dress61
10. Pleasing in Voice and Speech70
11. Diligent in Service76
12. Given to Much Prayer80
Section III The Colporteur Evangelist in Action
13. Points on Selling84
14. The Colporteur Evangelist and Finance92
15. Co-operating With Other Gospel Workers100

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