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Christ Our Righteousness, Page 70

Chapter 7 - A Fundamental, All-Embracing Truth

In preceding chapters the subject of Righteousness by Faith has been dealt with largely in its historical aspect,-the time, the place, and the manner in which the Lord chose to bring His people face to face with this vital, fundamental truth of the gospel for the purpose of adding strength, power, and expansion to the proclamation of the third angel’s message which had been so signally entrusted to them. We now come to an analysis of the subject in its broad aspect, as it is presented in the writings of the Spirit of prophecy.

The Minneapolis Conference adjourned with the minds of the delegates in more or less uncertainty and confusion regarding the message of Righteousness by Faith that had been set forth. But the presentation of this vital truth, with all the agitation, discussion, and perplexity it occasioned, was not in vain by any means. It started new thought and study regarding the great theme of justification by faith, and led many into a better, richer appreciation of the Saviour as their substitute and surety. Among the greatest of all the blessings that have followed that meeting has been the abundant instruction which the Lord has sent to His people through the Spirit of prophecy regarding our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and

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