Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels on Stewardship, Page 7

Table of Contents

Section I. Heaven's Law of Benevolence and Its Purpose
1. Coworkers With God13
2. Our Bountiful Benefactor17
3. Why God Employs Men as His Almoners20
4. The Conflicting Principles of Christ and Satan24
5. Beneficence Where Christ Abides27
6. Preaching Practical Sermons29
Section II. God's Work and Its Support
7. The Lord's Work to Be Maintained35
8. Wholehearted Attachment to the Church42
9. The Voice of Consecration46
10. A Call to Greater Earnestness51
11. Selling Homes and Property58
Section III. God's Reserves—the Tithe
12. A Test of Loyalty65
13. Founded Upon Eternal Principles69
14. A Plan Beautiful in Simplicity73
15. A Question of Honesty77
16. Regularity and System80
17. The Message of Malachi82
18. Let Us Prove the Lord89
19. Appropriating God's Reserve Funds92
20. The Response of an Aroused Conscience95
21. The Use of the Tithe101
22. Education by Ministers and Church Officers104

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