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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 178

Christ as the Example and Teacher of Youth

The example of Jesus is a light to the young, as well as to those of more mature years, for His was a representative childhood and youth. From His earliest years His example was perfect. As a little child He was obedient to His parents and to the laws of nature, “and the grace of God was upon Him.” Luke 2:40. CT 178.1

Jesus did not, like many youth, devote His time to amusement. He studied the word until He became familiar with its sayings. Even in His childhood His life and all His habits were in harmony with the Scriptures, and He was skillful in their use.... Besides the written word, Jesus studied the book of nature, finding delight in the beautiful things of His own creation. He was in sympathy with humanity in all its varied joys and sorrows. He identified Himself with all—with the weak and helpless, the lowly, the needy, and the afflicted. CT 178.2

In His teaching, Christ drew His illustrations from the great treasury of household ties and affections, and from nature. The unknown was illustrated by the known; sacred and divine truths, by natural, earthly things, with which the people were most familiar. These were the things that would speak to their hearts, and make the deepest impression on their minds. CT 178.3

The words of Christ placed the teachings of nature in a new aspect and made them a new revelation. He could CT 178.4

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