Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 25

The Teacher of Truth the Only Safe Educator

There are two classes of educators in the world. One class is made up of those whom God makes channels of light; the other of those whom Satan uses as his agents, who are wise to do evil. One class contemplate the character of God, and increase in the knowledge of Jesus. This class become wholly given up to those things which bring heavenly enlightenment, heavenly wisdom, to the uplifting of the soul. Every capability of their nature is submitted to God; even their thoughts are brought into captivity to Christ. The other class are in league with the prince of darkness, who is ever on the alert that he may find an opportunity to teach others the knowledge of evil, and who, if place is made for him, will not be slow to press his way into heart and mind.

There is great need of elevating the standard of righteousness in our schools, of giving instruction that is after God's order. Should Christ enter our institutions for the education of the youth, He would cleanse them as He cleansed the temple, banishing many things that have a defiling influence. Many of the books which the youth study would be expelled, and their places filled with others that would inculcate substantial knowledge, and would abound in sentiments which might be treasured in the heart, and in precepts that might safely govern the conduct.

Is it the Lord's purpose that false principles, false reasoning, and the sophistries of Satan should be kept

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