Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 363

A Failure to Recognize God's Messenger

I ask you who are living at the very heart of the work to review the experience of years and see if the “Well done” can truthfully be spoken to you. I ask the teachers in the school to consider carefully, prayerfully, Have you individually watched for your own soul as one who is co-operating with God for its purification from all sin and for its entire sanctification unto Him? Can you by precept and example teach the youth sanctification ... through the truth unto holiness, obedience to God?

Have you not been afraid of the Holy Spirit? At times it has come with all-pervading influence into the school at Battle Creek and into the schools in other localities. Did you recognize it? Did you accord it the honor due to a heavenly Messenger? When the Spirit seemed to be striving with the youth, did you say, “Let us put aside all study; for it is evident that we have among us a heavenly Guest. Let us give praise and honor to God”? Did you, with contrite hearts, bow in prayer with your students, pleading that you might receive the blessing that the Lord was offering you?

The Great Teacher Himself was among you. How did you honor Him? Was He a stranger to some of the educators? Was there need to send for someone of supposed authority to welcome or repel this Messenger from heaven? Though unseen, His presence was among you. But was not the thought expressed that in school the time

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