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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 400

education. So in the lives of His followers, when a hasty spirit is overcome, when the heart is melted to tenderness for others, when the life is devoted to working the works of Christ, the fruit of the higher education is seen.

Higher education is not gained by the study of a certain class of books that worldly teachers deem essential, but by the study of the word of God. This study will lead to obedience to His requirements and to a constant walking in the footsteps of Christ. There is no education higher than that to be found in the lessons that Christ gave. When these are discarded for the teachings of men, it is time that God's people became converted anew and learned from Christ the simplicity of true godliness.


When the converting power of God takes hold of the teachers in our schools, they will recognize that a knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ covers a much broader field than the so-called “advanced methods” of education. But unless they have broader views in regard to what constitutes education, they will experience great hindrance in preparing missionaries to go out to give their knowledge to others.

Teachers, take your position as true educators, and pour into the hearts of the students the living stream of redeeming love. Before their minds are preoccupied with literary work, entreat them to seek Christ and His righteousness. Show them the changes that will surely take place if the heart is given to Christ. Fasten their attention on Him. This will close the door to the foolish aspirations that naturally arise, and will prepare the mind for the reception of divine truth.

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