Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 485

Spiritual Growth

To every student who is seeking a medical education I would say, Look beyond the present. Turn away from the transitory things of this life, from selfish pursuits and gratifications. For what purpose are you seeking an education? Is it not that you may relieve suffering humanity? As the mind is enlarged by true knowledge, the heart is warmed by a sense of the goodness, compassion, and love of God. The soul is filled with an earnest longing to tell others how they may co-operate with the great Master Worker. You will do much for yourselves as you impart the knowledge you receive. Thus you will gain more knowledge to impart, and your ability to work for God will increase.

There are those who will suggest to you that in order to be successful in your profession you must be a policy man; you must at times depart from strict rectitude. These temptations find a ready welcome in the heart of man; but I speak that which I know. Do not be deceived or deluded. Do not pamper self. Do not throw open a door through which the enemy may enter to take possession of the soul. There is danger in the first and slightest departure from the strictest rectitude. Be true to yourself. Preserve your God-given dignity in the fear of God. There is great need that every medical worker get hold and keep hold of the arm of Infinite Power.

The policy principle is one that will assuredly lead into

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