Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 519

Co-Operation Between Schools and Sanitariums

There are decided advantages to be gained by the establishment of a school and a sanitarium in close proximity, that they may be a help one to the other. Instruction regarding this was given to me when we were making decisions about the location of our buildings in Takoma Park. Whenever it is possible to have a school and a sanitarium near enough together for helpful cooperation between the two institutions, and yet separated sufficiently to prevent one from interfering with the work of the other, our brethren should give most careful consideration to the benefits that would accrue through placing the institutions where they can help each other. One institution will give influence and strength to the other; and, too, money can be saved by both institutions, because each can share the advantages of the other.

Medical Evangelistic Work

In connection with our larger schools there should be provided facilities for giving students thorough instruction regarding gospel medical missionary work. This line of work is to be brought into our colleges and training schools as a part of the regular instruction. The students should learn how to care for the sick, for many of them will have to engage in this kind of work when they take up missionary labor in the fields to which they shall be called. They are to be taught how to use nature's remedies in the treatment of disease. While gaining a knowledge

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