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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 529

An Encouraging Experience

At one of our conference schools the teachers led out in reviving an interest in the sale of Christ's Object Lessons. Bands of students, after prayerful study of the book, visited a large city near the school, in company with their teachers, and in their work gained a sound, solid experience that they prize above silver and gold. This kind of work is, in fact, one of the means that God has ordained for giving our youth a missionary training, and those who neglect to improve such opportunities lose out of their lives a chapter of experience of the highest value. By entering heartily into this work, students can learn how to approach with tact and discretion men and women in all the walks of life, how to deal with them courteously, and how to lead them to give favorable consideration to the truths contained in the books that are sold. CT 529.1

Students, your voice, your influence, your time—all these are gifts from God and are to be used in winning souls to Christ. As teachers and students engage heartily in selling Christ's Object Lessons, they will gain an experience that will fit them to do valuable service in connection with camp meetings. Through the instruction that they can give to the believers in attendance, and through the sale of many books in the places where such meetings are held, those who have been in the school will be able to do their part in reaching the multitudes who need to be given the third angel's message. Let teachers CT 529.2

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