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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 545

Student Missionary Work

It is not enough to fill the minds of the youth with lessons of deep importance; they must learn to impart what they have received. Whatever may be the position or possession of any individual who has a knowledge of the truth, the word of God teaches him that all he has is held by him in trust. It is lent him to test his character. His worldly business, his talents, his means, his opportunities for service, are all to be accounted for to Him to whom by creation and redemption he belongs. God bestows His gifts upon us that we may minister to others and thus become like Him. He who strives to obtain knowledge in order that he may labor for the ignorant and perishing is acting his part in fulfilling God's great purpose for mankind. In unselfish service for the blessing of others he is meeting the high ideal of Christian education. CT 545.1

Among the students in our schools there are those who have precious talents, and these talents they should be taught to put to use. Our schools should be so conducted that teachers and students will constantly become more and more efficient. By faithfully putting to a practical use that which they have learned they will increase in ability to use their knowledge. CT 545.2

It is necessary to their complete education that students be given time to do missionary work—time to become acquainted with the spiritual needs of the families in the community around them. They should not be so loaded CT 545.3

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