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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 57

heaven are to be learned and practiced; the superiority of the future life to this life is to be impressed upon the mind of every learner. Teachers who fail to bring this into their work of education fail of having a part in the great work of developing character that can meet the approval of God.

As the world in this age comes more and more under the influence of Satan, the true children of God will desire more and more to be taught of Him. Teachers should be employed who will give a heavenly mold to the characters of the youth. Under the influence of such teachers, foolish and unessential practices will be exchanged for habits and practices befitting the sons and daughters of God.

As wickedness in the world becomes more pronounced, and the teachings of evil are more fully developed and widely accepted, the teachings of Christ are to stand forth exemplified in the lives of converted men and women. Angels are waiting to co-operate in every department of the work. This has been presented to me again and again. At this time the people of God, men and women who are truly converted, are to learn, under the training of faithful teachers, the lessons that the God of heaven values.

The most important work of our educational institutions at this time is to set before the world an example that will honor God. Holy angels are to supervise the work through human agencies, and every department is to bear the mark of divine excellence.

All our health institutions, all our publishing houses, all our institutions of learning, are to be conducted more

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