Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students, Page 99

resisted, every evil overcome. He is laying up a good foundation against the time to come, that he may lay hold on eternal life.

Upon Christian youth depend in a great measure the preservation and perpetuity of the institutions which God has devised as a means by which to advance His work. Never was there a period when results so important depended upon a generation of men. Then how important that the young should be qualified for this great work, that God may use them as His instruments! Their Maker has claims upon them which are paramount to all others.

It is God who has given life and every physical and mental endowment that the youth possess. He has bestowed upon them capabilities for wise improvement, that they may do a work which will be as enduring as eternity. In return for His great gifts He claims a due cultivation and exercise of the intellectual and moral faculties. He did not give them these faculties merely for their amusement, or to be abused in working against His will and His providence, but to advance the knowledge of truth and holiness in the world. In return for His continued kindness and infinite mercies He claims their goodness, their veneration, their love. He justly requires obedience to His laws and to all wise regulations which will restrain and guard the youth from Satan's devices and lead them in paths of peace.

The wild, reckless character of many of the youth in this age of the world is heartsickening. If the youth could see that in complying with the laws and regulations of our institutions, they are only doing that which will improve their standing in society, elevate the character,

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