Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 115

Chapter 15—The Educational Journal

Exalt the Greatest Teacher—The editors of the Christian Educator [our initial educational journal, published at Battle Creek, Michigan, from July, 1897, to the summer of 1899.] should carefully consider the character of the subjects which they place before their readers. Why has the Christian Educator presented to its large list of readers the pictures and the works of men? The exaltation of these supposedly learned men, in the Educator and the Instructor, [reference is here made to the Youth's Instructor.] does not reflect glory to God. Is it the purpose of your papers to recommend the men, the methods, and the books to which you refer? If so, what has this to do with Christian education? The subject which should be kept before the people is not the lives and the achievements of men engaged in educational work, but it is the education which comes from the greatest Teacher that the world ever knew, and which is found in the word of God. CW 115.1

With this instruction before us, so unlike the teaching of the popular schools of today, we have no need to hold up before the people the names of educators who are not conversant with, and obedient to, the word of the living God. These men may suppose that CW 115.2

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