Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 141

is possible concerning this solemn message. The earth is to be lightened with its glory. The angels of God will even now go through our land to arouse the minds of the people if we will co-operate with them; but sad indeed is the fact that we are far behind the providences of God, and the work that ought to be done to send the rays of truth to those who sit in darkness is undone....

Men will misrepresent the doctrines we believe and teach as Bible truth, and it is necessary that wise plans should be laid to secure the privilege of inserting articles into the secular paper; for this will be a means of awakening souls to see the truth. God will raise up men who will be qualified to sow beside all waters. God has given great light upon important truths, and it must come to the world.—Letter 1, 1875.

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