Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 148

the camp. There is an abundance of books which will give light to the world.

I cannot understand why our papers should contain so many notices of books unessential for this time. Plenty of such books can be obtained in all bookstores. Why not draw the minds of the people to subjects relating to the words of eternal life. Why not make an effort to obtain communications simple, real, and true, from our workers in all parts of the world. God calls for this class of reading. We have no time to devote to commonplace things, no time to waste on books which only amuse.—Manuscript 80, 1899.

Danger of Inferior Books—Unless care is taken, the market will be flooded with books of a cheap order, and the people will be deprived of the light and truth which it is essential they should have to prepare the way of the Lord. This has been done and will be done again unless right principles control in the publishing work.—Letter 43, 1899.

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