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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 150

forestall the one who has expressed his purpose to write on certain subjects. The second book published diminishes the sale of the first one, and he who takes advantage of his neighbor in this way does not treat him fairly. His book largely takes the place and the patronage of the first book in the field. He has worked contrary to the principles of righteousness; for he has robbed his neighbor.—Manuscript 23, 1891. CW 149.2

An Unfair Work—Both authors and publishers should have foresight, and carefully weigh the results upon other books and other enterprises, before bringing out new works. These things are not regarded as they should be. Greater discretion is required in the management of these matters, if our work shall redound to the glory of God. Those appointed to responsible positions in the publishing work must now give careful consideration to these important matters. They must carefully discriminate between right and wrong, justice and injustice, that they may discern what is equality and fair dealing.... CW 150.1

There is danger of a recklessness coming into the publishing work, which will place it where it requires readjustment. The rule should be followed that a second book on any subject is not to be crowded into the market till the one preceding it has had a fair chance. I now leave with you these words of admonition and caution.—Letter 225, 1899. CW 150.2

Equity in Publishing New Editions—When several parties have on hand large stock of certain books, nothing should be done in bringing out of new editions by one office, without consulting with those who already have quantities of the old edition on CW 150.3

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