Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 176

beings. The truth must be kept before the people. The standard of purity, temperance, and holiness must be uplifted.

It is impossible to say to what lengths the printing of such illustrations and articles would carry you. The paper would do as much and more good if less room were given to illustrations.

I was instructed to say that you could give a glowing description of Satan. You could speak of the greatness of his intelligence and power. You could charm the sense of those who read the Signs with this subject. But we know that it would not be right to do this.

I desire to place this matter before you as soon as possible, therefore I cannot take time to write fully on the matter. I am instructed to say that you have dishonored God. You did not mean to do this, but you have done it.—Letter 106, 1902.

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