Ellen G. White Writings

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Counsels to Writers and Editors, Page 5

Counsels to Writers and Editors


Seventh-day Adventist editors from all parts of the world met in Washington, D. C., in August, 1939, to participate in a General Editorial Council, the first to be held. As a source of inspiration and guidance to this group, the leaders of the denomination arranged to have placed in their hands the E. G. White instruction which had been directed to our writers and editors through the years, drawn from both published sources and manuscripts. This counsel and instruction was distributed to the editors in the form of a little paper-bound work entitled Counsels to Editors. Additional copies were furnished to the members of the Boards of Directors of our publishing houses and to others concerned with our publishing interests throughout the world field.

Five hundred copies of this little work were printed, and the stock was soon exhausted. There has been an increasing call for the book by Seventh-day Adventist workers generally. Inasmuch as the writing for our journals and the production of denominational books is done largely by our worker group throughout the world, and inasmuch as our evangelists with their radio ministry are entering more and more the field of writing in the preparation

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